Perform at your best!


Topical Salve

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Perform at your best!

Topical Salve


A minor setback paves the way for a major comeback

1 %
of Americans suffer from joint pain
1 %
of athletes have some type of muscle ailment.
1 %
use OTC drugs to alleviate muscle and joint pain

US GROWN Broad-Spectrum Nano-emulsified Hemp​

nano enhanced hemp

Nano-enhanced or Nano-emulsified Hemp is a CBD extract that goes through another step designed to help it be carried faster and more efficiently through the human body.

The oil is pulled from hemp using supercritical CO2 extraction (the same process that we use for our oils) to yield a clean and pure CBD concentrate. This concentrate can then be mixed with other oils (such as MCT Oil) or go through even more filtering processes.

For most CBD hemp oil products, this is where production usually stops and the oils are tested and packaged for human consumption. However, in nano-emulsified hemp oils, there is one more step that changes how the oil is delivered into the user’s bloodstream.

Nano-enhanced hemp oil is when the CBD compounds themselves are surrounded and coated with a layer of microscopic balls of fat. These spheres are called nano lipid spheres or liposomes. Liposomes are super small spheres made of phospholipids — the basic building blocks of cell membranes.

nano enhanced hemp

Key Ingredients

Our well thought out formulation helps address inflammation and provide almost instant relief upon contact with skin.

eucalyptus plant


Eucalyptus is a popular natural remedy for many ailments such as pain relief, congestion, and more. It has been used by people for centuries because of its soothing qualities that are effective in relieving pain caused by arthritis or muscle soreness.

menthol leaf


Menthol is a natural ingredient that can help provide relief for pain. Menthol has been used as an analgesic since around the 1800s and still continues to be used today. There are two compounds that cause menthol to have its soothing effect: cineole and linalool. Menthol can also be applied topically on sensitive areas of the body, like joints or muscles, to reduce pain caused by inflammation.

camphor plant


Camphor, which is derived from the Latin word for "camphor tree," has been used in many cultures and regions of the world. It can be found in traditional Chinese medicine as well as Native American folk remedies. Camphor is a crystalline substance that is found naturally in some plants like laurel leaves or tropical camphor trees. The benefits of camphor are mostly related to its analgesic properties—its ability to relieve pain by blocking nerve signals sent by damaged tissue. When applied topically through massage or rubbing, the camphor will penetrate deep into the skin and muscles which will provide soothing relief over time.

arnica flower


Arnica is a plant that can be used to reduce inflammation and pain. Arnica has been shown to decrease the duration of muscle soreness after intense exercise, as well as repair damaged tissue in muscles. It does this by decreasing levels of prostaglandins in the body which are inflammatory substances and increasing the production of anti-inflammatory substances such as nitric oxide.

What makes HOOPLA Formula special?

cbd oil drop


Carefully extracted hemp oil using super critical CO2 extraction methods.

no gmo


We make sure all our formulations include only Non-GMO ingredients

no pesticides


We make sure our hemp sources always come from pesticide free crops.

broad spectrum hemp


We carefully extract any THC leftovers to deliver a THC Free product for you.

How to Use our Topical Salve

Grab a generous scoop of salve, and firmly but vigorously rub the salve into the area of discomfort.

Apply once a day. Some people like to go for two or three applications; start low and slow and increase accordingly.


What are raving fans saying about HOOPLA?


Before HOOPLA reaches your hands, every batch produced is tested with an independent third party lab to ensure purity and consistency.

Every batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis verifying the product you’re receiving was made with the finest ingredients.


US Crops

We partnered with the highest quality farmers across Colorado and Oregon.


We only use ingredients that are from organic and non-GMO sources.

No Pesticides

We ensure that our farmers do not add pesticides to the crops.

hoopla bottle back

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is one of the principal ways manufacturers turn fresh, green cannabis into a highly concentrated cannabinoid wax.

3rd Party Tested

Every batch is tested for purity, free of metals, toxins and Zero THC levels

Highest Quality

Our customers come first and they love it.

Still have questions?

These are most common FAQ and answers. Still have more questions? Email us at hello@simplyhoopla.com

CBD oil and other hemp-extracted products are perfectly legal to be used and sold within the United States. The growing, processing, and selling of hemp extracts – including cannabinoids from industrial hemp – is possible through federal regulation within Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 which the U.S. Congress passed and signed into law.

Although we only use Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts with Zero THC, there is a small percentage that consuming CBD may lead to a positive drug test, as it does with any product made from hemp. If this is a significant concern, we advise speaking with your employer or doctor before use.

We encourage new users to start low, gradually working your way up until the desired result is achieved.

Above we have created a section to give a perspective for both women and men.

CBD is safe and non-addictive.

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